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Make your trip to MIPIM carbon neutral

If you met our team at MIPIM then you probably heard about #CarbonNeutralCannes and we offered to offset your carbon footprint for the entire trip.

Fill out the form below, telling us who you are and where you’ve travelled from and we’ll make sure that the carbon from your trip is completely offset!
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Why work with us?

Not only do we provide a solution that is designed specifically to tackle the issues you face, we do so in a way that promotes sustainability.

Carbon Neutral Cannes isn’t just something that we wanted to push at MIPIM, it’s something we aim to offer your entire business. Community can provide your business with renewable energy and encourages your residents to reduce their carbon footprint by lowering their consumption.

 Build to rent is what we do

Community was developed as a direct response to unique requirements that the build to rent market has regarding utilities. As part of the Amber Enterprise Group, we have 10 years experience behind us as well as a team of over 70 industry experts helping us to deliver the best possible service.